Gastrodon Grails/Wants and more! :)

Pokemon I’m currently collecting : Gastrodon West Sea and East Sea!!


East Sea Retsuden Stamper *GRAIL**EXTREMELY HIGH PRIORITY, I will pay a lot for this stamper!!!

Both pogs/tazos/chips/game chips/game coins *HIGH PRIORITY*

Both Bandai Kid Figure Boxes (can be empty but must be in good condition!) *MEDIUM PRIORITY*


General Wants List: (all low priority) Pokemon Cards/Stickers/Flats/Booklets/Etc.


Gastrodon items that I already own!

- coming in the mail soon!!

- coming in the mail soon!!

- coming in the mail soon!! (Hoping Gastrodon West is in the other pack!)

- coming in the mail soon!!


My collection so far!

Here is my eeveelution collection as of right now! I will be updating once everything comes in the mail! I’m interested in anything Sylveon, Eevee and Umbreon right now so you can gladly hit me up for plushies and figures and customs if you have them! Thanks for looking and Happy 2018 everyone!!! ❤️❤️❤️
*edit May 2020*